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Fancy seeing you here. Thanks, GOogle. 

I'm Miya, a hard-working, always-thinking, perpetually curious creative. Let me save you the embarrassment of having to ask how to say my name—it's me-ya. But if you've been calling me my-ah, no bigs, I'm pretty used to it at this point. I've worked with all kinds of brands, from teensy to huge in roles from stagehand to Beyoncé. I live in the Bay Area with my daughters, my husband, and my cranky old dog, who cracks himself up by occasionally faking his own demise.

I started my career pursuing a PhD in Education Policy after 2 years of Teach for America in the South Bronx, which means that not only can I design stuff, but I'm also a take-no-guff badass and can program the crap out of large datasets (read: I am pretty good at writing, strategy, and analysis as well as design).

How I got from there to here is a long story that involves a revelation in a 1/2 story (like Being John Malkovich 1/2 story) grad lounge, which I will happily share with you over coffee (almond milk lattes are my jam—please don't make fun, it's a sore subject), bourbon (neat, please), or a run (easy or fast, you choose). If you want to hear the story, or if you would like to see more of my work or chat with me about working with or leading your team, drop me a line—I would love to chat with you.